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Where Water Falls a vacation rental in Loma Mar, CAThe Cottage is nestled in the redwood forest of scenic Loma Mar in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom mid-century cottage was built by my grandfather in the 1940’s on the same property as his parents, my great grandparents. My ancestors were one of the first families to settle in Loma Mar and logged many of the redwood and oak trees until the early twentieth century.

With a population of 167, it’s hard to believe Loma Mar is just over an hour’s drive from San Francisco! You feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, yet you’re not. Do you want the most memorable vacation ever? Look no further… Wanna take a peek inside? Click here


Cutting down redwood in Loma Mar, CA

Check out that saw!

A little history

In the early 1800’s my great, great, great grandfather Sven (Samuel) Blomquist left his wife and 9 children in Sweden and sailed to America. I’m sure he heard outrageous stories of Goliath redwoods, wild Indians and bears, uncharted territory, and later oodles of gold being discovered out west. He probably saw dollar signs too! I’m glad he decided on the redwoods and not the gold! He made Loma Mar (which was called Harrison back then) home, and became a lumberjack. Eventually the wife and kids came, as well as many other family members over the decades that would follow. In fact, Loma Mar was a Swedish village for a very long time that was made up mostly of, you guessed it, Blomquists!

Logging was a very dangerous and demanding job as it often took all day to cut down one redwood. You can get a lot of lumber out of a single tree. But how they managed this I don’t know. Trees never fall the way you plan. Redwoods are several hundred feet high. How did they hall them out of the forest? Oxen.

The creeks that branch off Pescadero Creek are named after the families that settled in this area: Hoffman, Peterson, Blomquist, etc. Many of my relatives where able to make enough money and retire comfortably in Sweden. But, some stayed in Loma Mar too, like my great grandparents.

In the early twenty century the county bought the remaining saw mill sites which today is Memorial Park.

Holling redwood tree out

                                                                                                                              8 oxen pulling a redwood down the trail















Getting to school in Loma Mar, CA

The second girl in from the right is my great grandmother















Old mail box in Loma Mar, CA


Redwood circa 1846 Loma Mar, CA

The sign on the redwood reads: 18 foot diameter and the date is April 22, 1846. Weirdly, April 22 is Earth Day! Coincidence?