What’s Growing At The Cottage No. 090

California golden violet or sometimes called wood violet. Another plant that’s not growing in our garden – although we have the hybridized kind – this wild one grows on our property in the moist woods and especially likes the edges of streams. And, since we’ve had so much rain earlier this year, there is an abundance of them right now. The leaves are a kidney shape and tiny bright yellow flowers emerge – not the classic purple color. Delicate brown lines mark the throat of the lowest petal acting almost like a landing pad to guide small insects to the goods. It always amazes me how the wild varieties look much more delicate than the bigger robust garden ones. I forget those hybridized ones are dependent on us to protect and care for them and the wild could care less about us! Clearly, size does not matter or maybe it does…
Published by Amy on: Mar 28, 2017

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