What’s Growing At The Cottage No. 089

Western Trillium (Trillium ovatum). Although this flower is not growing in our garden but on our property wild. Trillium means ‘in threes’ in Latin: three leaves, three sepals, and three petals. There are about 200 species of trillium worldwide. This one blooms from March to May forming single flowers white to pink to maroon. Trillium prefers shaded moist slopes in sight of the coast redwoods. This species can live up to 25 years. It sprouts from rhizomes and will come up year after year in the same place enabling you to look forward to their arrival each spring when out for a walk in the forest. On the outer surface of the seeds is a small oily substance well described as an “ant snack.” The ants collect this snack and feed it to their larvae, discarding the rest of the seed to germinate in the ants’ chambers below ground. Trillium one of the earliest blooming of our native wildflowers and always a sight to look forward to.


Published by Amy 0n: Mar 14, 2017

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