What’s Growing At The Cottage No. 087

Mealy Cup Sage ‘Victoria Blue’ (Salvia farinacea) or blue salvia. The classic deep purple-blue color and gray-green foliage create a cool, relaxing feeling on a hot day. It’s native to Texas and Mexico where it grows in rocky, alkaline soil. It shares many qualities with other members of the sage family, including the soft, fuzzy flower spikes and a slightly fragrant foliage that makes it less popular with critters we don’t want but with the ones we do. Mealy Cup is a reliable bloomer that flowers all summer until the first frost. It’s also the perfect solution to keeping the garden in bloom in spots where you know your perennials will be out for a brief period, like in a vacation rental garden. Apparently, this cultivar is so drought resistant and heat tolerant that it can grow well in locations that are almost never irrigated. Hence, their discovery in a dusty Texas graveyard. Good find.


Published by Amy on: Nov 22, 2016


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