What’s Growing At The Cottage No. 081

Pink naked ladies (Amaryllis belladonna). This plant produces green, leafy growth that emerges in spring and dies back by mid-summer. In late summer, several thin but strong stems arise, each with a cluster of buds. The leafless stems (hence the name ‘Naked Ladies’) produce a big bouquet of 4” elegant, pink, fragrant flowers. This plant is the only species in the amaryllis genus. This means the Belladonna is the ‘true’ Amaryllis. All those big indoor-blooming things during the holiday time are called ‘Amaryllis’ as a common name, but their botanical name is actually Hippeastrum.
My great grandmother planted the ones pictured and they must be at least 75 years old or maybe older! You don’t need to do a thing to them and they’re obviously very hardy as they’ve survived all this time on their own. We don’t even water them. They thrive in full sun or partial shade. Right about now the summer garden is starting to look tired and hot and these ladies emerge to liven up the late season show for all to enjoy!
Published by Amy on: Aug 30, 2016

Pink Naked Ladies  growing at Loma Mar vacation cottage

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