Just a few short years ago, I never heard of a vacation rental! Crazy to think that now as Airbnb is practically a household name. So, I’m very grateful for the acknowledgment I have received from my peers and leaders in the vacation rental industry during this time of learning. I’m always trying to grow and push myself so that our guests can benefit from what I’ve learned and most importantly, that they have the best possible experience I can give them. Click the links below to learn more.


We’ve had the honor to host several brides who have gotten dressed for their big day with us. Which is pretty cool, right? Jack Arent, a Bay Area photographer, came to The Cottage or the “bridal cottage,” as he appropriately named it to capture the memory of one of these special brides. Click the link to see his stunning work and the gorgeous location. Can’t beat those redwoods! (7/17) How to Private Estate Wedding


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Rental Preneurs are motivated marketing professionals to help your vacation rental business get more done. I was humbled to have been asked about website design among 22 other vacation rental experts whom I look up to. (11/15)  23 Experts Weigh In On The Biggest Vacation Rental Website Design Mistakes 


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The ONLY way to succeed in the vacation rental business is to stand out from the crowd. The Bookings Plus 4G courses do just that, they empower owners to become conspicuous in an overcrowded marketplace. I’ve taken several of these courses on marketing with great success and continue to implement the knowledge I learn. After all, I have to get Loma Mar on the map somehow! (3/15) Please Stop Telling Me About Your Vacation Rental


5 most extraordinary vacation rentals 2014 1 Chic Retreat

I’m super excited (and a bit shocked!) that our cottage was included in One Chic Retreat’s recent article. Mercedes Brennan of 1 Chic Retreat is an amazing interior designer for the vacation rental space. I’m always inspired by her design ideas and what I love most, it’s totally doable! Be sure to check out her blog for some fabulous tips! (1/15) The 5 Most Extraordinary Vacation Rentals I Discovered in 2014


And, another article from 1 Chic Retreat we were included in…..


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“Don’t ignore the equally compelling evidence that generically decorated vacation rentals don’t get many clicks, even if you are a marketing genius. Mediocre décor begets mediocre bookings. There is no getting around that,” as Mercedes Brennan says in her article. Phew. Happy we are on track with #3 in the list! (3/14)
3 Ways to Create Just Another Boring Vacation Rental Nobody Wants to Book 



I am honored to have been a guest on Heather Bayer’s podcast, Vacation Rental Success. For those of you who don’t know who she is, Heather is ‘The Guru’ in the vacation rental industry. She shares a wealth of knowledge and experience not only as a property manager but as a vacation rental owner herself. She is my top go-to person for industry tips, best practices, and expert advice. I’m always learning something valuable from her blogs and podcasts that I strive to put into practice. I hope you take a moment and have a listen to the show. I would appreciate it if you left a comment to let me know what you thought too! (12/14) Vacation Rental Success Podcast