We’re 4 months in. How’s your New Year’s resolution going?

It’s known that January is a popular month for gym memberships. Sadly, by February most people who made the promise in the new year to get into ‘the best shape of my life’ has found their motivation fizzling.
Maybe it’s driving to the gym, finding a parking spot, hunting for a locker, discovering stinky clothes you forgot to wash in your bag, then waiting in line to use a sweaty elliptical machine as your body performs the same forward movement for an hour while you stare at the talking heads on the morning news under glaring artificial lights that does you in. Or, maybe it’s boredom.
Why not shake things up a bit.
How about filling your lungs with fresh crisp salty air as your toes dig into the sand while bending into a half moon pose as you take in sights and sounds of the Pacific?
Yes, yoga on the beach.
You’ll also experience a surf lesson (bucket list!) close to the famous Mavericks spot. You’ll use muscles you didn’t know existed while balancing (or attempting!) on a board.
That beats the elliptical any day!
1.5-hour surf lesson followed by 40 minutes yoga on the beach
Gear included (board, wetsuit & booties)
Gals only! Sorry, guys 😉
All levels welcome
100% exhilaration guaranteed
April 15th at 8:30 am (yes, bright and early!)
Sea, Surf & Fun


Photo: Sea, Surf & Fun

Published by Amy on: Apr 7, 2017

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