When you pull into the driveway, you’ll be greeted by a custom pergola with intertwining madrone branches from the yard. Of course, a touch of whimsy is sprinkled in as no vacation would be complete without that – at least at The Cottage. (Aug 2017)


A little story… (Mar 2017)


I’m honored to have hosted a very famous couple at The Cottage! They are gearing up for a big event later this month and used The Cottage for some much-needed R&R. If all you fans want to immortalize this historic visit, come on over while the magic is still palpable. I’ll pass the word you stopped by 🙂 (Dec 2016)


Did you hear? The witch gave The Cottage her seal of approval. Come on over if you dare. Dim the lights cast some spells. Spirits and spooks served nightly. (Sept 2016)


I like to pick up local artichokes from Pescadero and leave them for our guests to enjoy. But I’ve discovered not everyone knows what to do with them. Fear not, artichokes are super easy to cook and most of all fun to eat! (Apr 2016)


The lights are strung, the wreaths are hung and we celebrate the holiday cheer through the month of January! Come on over, the fire is crackling and a big mug of cocoa (with a kick of course!) is waiting… (Dec 2015)


Often when I tell people I own a vacation rental, I receive either a response of, “Huh?” or they think it’s a B&B. A vacation rental is someone’s home, fully furnished, that you can rent for a few days to a few weeks. No breakfast is included as you have a full kitchen to play in! It’s ideal for those looking for more space and privacy than what a hotel or B&B provides. Each home is completely unique than the next and that’s what makes vacation rentals stand out as opposed to hotels. So, where do you want to go? The beach, the mountains, the city… There’s a vacation rental waiting. (Jul 2015)


The Cottage was built by my grandfather in the 1940’s and was a weekend getaway for family and friends. Lot’s of laughter, good food and a little drinking (or maybe more than a little!) have been experienced at The Cottage. Come and create your own memories because after all, that’s what the house was built for! Good times for all! (Jan 2015)


The Pacific Banana slug is native to the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Because of their large size, shocking bright yellow color and slow movement, it’s quite easy to run across one in Loma Mar and especially at The Cottage during the wet fall and winter months. They are the most beloved and iconic native species here – come meet one! (Jan 2015)


We have lots to keep you busy! Hand-picked, ‘Cottage approved’ Ping-Pong, Foosball, board games, puzzles, books, vintage games, mazes, trivia, horseshoes… Whether you’re looking to play solo or with a group, we’ve got you covered. Ready. Set. Go! (Dec 2014)


Get back into the flow in our neck of the woods! Cocktails over the ‘rocks’ included. (Nov 2014)


We have many cozy spots to read – indoors & out. The hammock, which is tucked in a private grove of redwoods, is a perfect place to finally get to that book (or snooze) you now have time for. Listen to the birds, feel the breeze and become one with the redwoods. (Nov 2014)


Your spacious hot tub is tucked against a tranquil, private waterfall. Listen to the sound of flowing water, look up and see the majestic redwoods, take in the crisp mountain air and feel the jets squeeze your stress away. Your cocktails are waiting… (Nov 2014)


With a population of 167, Loma Mar feels like a faraway place yet it’s just over an hour’s drive from San Francisco! Hike in Memorial, Pescadero Creek & Sam McDonald Parks. Drink in the massive redwoods, the sounds of birds & running water. I guarantee you’ll feel your stress melt away! (Sept 2014)


Our vacation cottage is perfect for celebrations, romantic getaways or those looking to reconnect with nature. Your unforgettable relaxation retreat awaits! (Jun 2014)


The Cottage is nestled in the scenic town of Loma Mar – just 10 minutes from Pescadero! This 1000 plus square foot mid-century cottage was built by my grandfather and offers spectacular views of California’s famous redwoods. Loma Mar feels so far away yet it’s closer than you think. Your postcard perfect weekend getaway is at your fingertips. (Mar 2014)