Victorian Days in Pescadero

Come out and join local historian and Pescadero History Society President who will lead a walk through historic Pescadero. View old homes and building reflecting Yankee roots, and churches (the oldest in the county) while discussing the people and changes of the Pescadero valley.
Pescadero was founded in 1856 – just 6 years after California became a state! The rich, fertile soil of this area attracted many settlers, and in the 1860’s Pescadero was a prosperous town surrounded by farms and lumber mills. The residents of Pescadero recovered a large quantity of white paint from the 1853 wreck of the clipper ship Carrier Pigeon at Pigeon Point. The paint was “used liberally” on all the town’s buildings, and residents have since maintained the tradition of painting their houses white. Get your walking shoes on and come out to learn more interesting history.
Sunday, August 23 from 1 – 3 p.m. in Pescadero. It’s free. For more info: 650.879.0882
Also, Pescadero has one of the oldest… Click Here
Published by Amy on: Aug 20, 2015

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