Top 7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Loma Mar

Don’t get us wrong – you only need to look at our reviews to know that our guests love staying at The Cottage. But vacation rentals are not cookie cutter experiences and not every vacation rental (or the area) is for everyone. We want you to have the BEST POSSIBLE VACATION and we want The Cottage to be a good fit for you. So, read on to see if we are!

Number 7: You want to be close to the action

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Loma Mar doesn’t have malls, restaurants, museums, nightclubs or theme parks. The only within walking distance tourist attraction are the redwoods. If getting in the car and driving 15 minutes to the action (downtown Pescadero) which consists of a restaurant, 2 country markets, a few unique shops, a gas station and a goat dairy farm, is a VERY long time or a bore, then Loma Mar is not for you. Our action is trying to decide whether it’s the hammock, deck or the lounge chair you’re looking for to read that book. Which hiking trail you want to take a midday stroll through. Or gee, it’s 3 pm and maybe I should get out of my PJ’s?! If sitting on the deck with a cocktail, a soak in the hot tub or a rowdy game of horseshoes sound boring, then Loma Mar is not for you.

Number 6: You envision country life as a quiet environment

Wake up!

Nope, the countryside is full of vocal activity. In Loma Mar, we have roosters welcoming the day bright and early. There are also frogs, crickets, coyotes, owls and others that like to join the jamboree in the evening. These sounds are not a recording that can be turned on or off when you want it. They are real. If celebratory sounds bother you, then Loma Mar is not for you.

Number 5: You prefer straight lines

We've got curves (3)

Loma Mar is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains which means we have hills and curves that go around these really tall things called the redwood trees. There are no concrete straight lines here. In our neck of the woods, nature doesn’t play by those rules. Pescadero Creek Road and Highway 84 (the 2 roads that lead to our cottage) are windy country roads with lots of fun loops, twists, and turns. If the thought of traveling on meandering country roads (through some of the most beautiful scenery) makes your stomach turn, then Loma Mar is not for you.

Number 4: You and your cell phone are one
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I know this may come as a complete shock but Loma Mar has no cell tower! What the locals do is use the phone inside the house. Gasp!! Yes, you heard me, one of those old-fashioned landline things. If you cannot unplug from your cell phone for a few days, then you have some major problems (just sayin’) and Loma Mar is not for you. *Please note, The Cottage has WiFi for those who cannot completely unplug from the matrix.

Number 3: You want to stagger back after an evening of eating & drinking
No reservations required

Sorry, Loma Mar doesn’t have any restaurants or bars. You have to get into the car and drive to those. We’re rural, which means things are spread out. If you don’t want to drive (15 minutes) or prepare a meal together with friends & family and enjoy alfresco in the privacy of a backyard under the redwoods with a waterfall flowing next to you, then Loma Mar is not for you.

Number 2: You favor man-made surroundings

Loma Mar skyscrapers (1) (Small)Loma Mar doesn’t have sidewalks, billboards, street lights, or skyscrapers. We’re in the country, which means the surroundings are living – aka “critters and green things.” You may encounter birds, frogs, bees and hummingbirds whizzing past you, deer and turkey blocking the road, bright yellow slow moving slugs, raccoons, woodpeckers, yapping coyotes and among other untamed surprises. Our “skyscrapers” are the redwoods and it also happens to get dark at night. Yes, nature can be unpredictable. Loma Mar is not self-contained. If you prefer a more controlled environment, then Loma Mar is not for you.

Number 1: You would rather have a typical vacation rental experience

No cookie cutter track house or management company here. The Cottage is a home with some family history we want to share with you. It has character, color, charm, and lots of personalized detail we’ve included just for you. That’s right, you. We actually care and want you to have a memorable time. We’re also just a holler away if you get stuck – yep, the actual owners. If you’re just looking for a cheap place to lay your head, then Loma Mar is not for you as The Cottage is the only vacation rental in Loma Mar!

So, are we a good fit? Do you want to experience a little country livin’? If so, we would love to host you! You can book a visit here: BOOK NOW Or, if you want to view additional photos and info you can do so here: SEE MORE
Published by Amy on: Oct 24, 2014

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