What?! More rain our way??

Sam’s famous Clam Chowder is looking to hit the spot for me on this gloomy day and the next several we’ll have. The chowder is made in the traditional New England style, with clam broth, cream, clams, potatoes, smoked bacon, onion, and thyme. Not thickened with a ton of flour like so many others do.
If you’re in the bay area, keep a look out for Sam’s Chowder Mobile cruzin‘ around so you can get a bowl to go. They’ll be at La Nebbia Winery this Saturday for the barrel to bottle event. What’s that? Bring your empty wine bottles and they’ll fill them up with a delish local wine for an unbeatable price. That’s where I get the wine I give my guests 🙂
Schedule for the Chowder Mobile: http://www.samschowdermobile.com/
La Nebbia Winery – http://www.lanebbiawinery.com/
Published by Amy on: Feb 1, 2017

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