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When you open the gate you'll discover a magical...
amenity list loma mar cottage When you open the gate you’ll discover a MAGICAL private backyard. You’ll hear a waterfall splashing next to a hot tub that’s awaiting you & your favorite beverage. You’ll feel the warmth of a fire pit (that uses real wood) to snuggle up & roast a s’more or two or three… Take a midday snooze on the hammock tucked in a small grove of redwoods. Rekindle that child within with a game of Ping-Pong or horseshoes.

Wanna come inside?

The interior is decorated in a fun yet relaxed retro farmhouse style. The living room has a ‘kick back & relax’ feel with original wood walls, a wood burning stove, Foosball, lots of games & books to keep you entertained and, of course, many personalized touches throughout.

The updated kitchen is fully loaded – just bring the food!

Slip into the king size memory foam bed in the master bedroom and… RELAX. The bedroom has views of the redwoods & its own private bathroom. The second bedroom has a king size memory foam bed & decorated in a lighthearted style with original artwork & views of our garden. A second full bathroom is just down the hall.

There are twin roll-away beds (that can be rolled outside for the more adventurous!) to accommodate two more people.

The deck overlooks 70-year-old apple trees (that were planted by my great grandmother!) & the iconic redwoods. You’ll hear chickens crowing in the distance and even an occasional wild turkey! I guarantee if you sit in our rocking chairs with your favorite beverage, you’ll notice your worries melt away…

Whether it’s outdoor solitude that you desire or a little good old-fashioned fun – you are sure to find it at The Cottage!


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Our Exterior

Because Loma Mar is always a good idea. (1 of 51)

Drive under the custom pergola with local madrone branches & a touch of whimsy (2 of 51)

Driveway view of cottage in Loma Mar

Your car is waiting... (3 of 51)


Meet Willy, our seasonal greeter. (4 of 51)

welcome to Loma Mar

Welcome friend... (5 of 51)

Porch in Loma Mar, CA

Come on in! (6 of 51)


“Hello” (7 of 51)

Ping-Pong in the backyard (8 of 51)

Gas BBQ to grill your favorite (9 of 51)

Enjoy alfresco (10 of 51)

Escape. (11 of 51)

Shhh…listen. Can you hear it? (12 of 51)

Hot tub awaiting you next to the waterfall (13 of 51)

Take a break - you deserve it! (marshmallows & wine included) (14 of 51)

Nature keeps us calm, connected & balanced (15 of 51)

Help yourself to fresh herbs - more growing in the yard too! (16 of 51)

Enjoy the moment (17 of 51)


You may discover a surprise visitor (18 of 51)

Along the ‘Life of Riley’ path (19 of 51)

A great spot to enjoy a good book or a snooze... (20 of 51)

Trees can hear you if you talk to them... (21 of 51)


horseshoe pit in Loma Mar, CA

Horseshoes anyone? (22 of 51)


We now offer gondola rides at The Cottage. Can you hear the serenade? (23 of 51)


Hot tub at night against the trees on display (24 of 51)

Campfire storytime (25 of 51)

Or, just relax by the pit (26 of 51)

Turn off that cell phone and unwind. Did I mention cocktails are included? (27 of 51)

Deck at cottage loma mar

Okay life, time-out. (28 of 51)

Wine & cheese? (29 of 51)

A great spot for your morning coffee (30 of 51)


Into the wild   (31 of 51)

70 year old apple trees (that were planted by my great grandmother) in bloom (32 of 51)

Garden at Cottage in Loma Mar

Take the long route (33 of 51) 


Cottage comes alive at night (34 of 51)

Follow your gut (35 of 51)

Our fall harvest (36 of 51)

California dreamy (37 of 51)

You may spot this guy passing through (38 of 51)

Color therapy (39 of 51)

Circle of life (40 of 51)

An old lumber blade (41 of 51)

Another great spot to read that book you've been saving for vacation. (42 of 51)

Looking towards horseshoe pit (43 of 51)

Our 65 year old rhododendron still going strong (44 of 51)

An archaeological find! No need to visit Easter Island. (45 of 51)

Adventure awaits around every corner... (46 of 51)

Take it outside. (47 of 51)

More surprises in the garden await! (48 of 51)

apples at the cottage loma mar

Young apples awaiting your pleasure  (49 of 52)

Quail (50 of 51)

Offline-is-the-new-luxury in Loma Mar

Unplug. I dare you. (51 of 51)

Our Interior

Let's go inside! (1 of 40)   

loma mar door

Small details... (2 of 40)

Welcome room (3 of 40)

Living room with original wood walls, redwood ceiling & fireplace mantel (4 of 40)

The relaxation lounge (5 of 40)

Colorful slate decorates the fireplace (6 of 40)

Entertainment center at cottage

Foosball & entertainment center in background. We have lots to keep you busy. (7 of 40)

Wanna play checkers? (8 of 40)

Pile on, sink in & hang out (9 of 40)

Living space

Vacation starts now (10 of 40)

Foosball anyone? (11 of 40)

Lots of windows to view nature from inside (12 of 40)

Play games at The Cottage in Loma Mar

Play. Eat. Drink. Nap. Repeat. (13 of 40)

Stay awhile (14 of 40)

Enjoy a meal inside on those cool mountain days (15 of 40)

Mason jar lights (16 of 40)

Fully loaded kitchen. Just bring the food! (17 of 40)

Coastside delights

Speaking of food... some Coastside delights. Artichoke bread, goat cheese & local wine (18 of 40)

Sunshine state (19 of 40)

Kitchen is open to main living space (20 of 40)


Just picked artichokes (21 of 40)

Seating with a great view! (22 of 40)

Make yourself at home (23 of 40)

Breakfast & coffee at the cottage

Another great spot for your cup of joe & a little SF sourdough bread with olallieberry jam! (24 of 40)

You may have a guest joining you (25 of 40)

But first, an espresso or two... (26 of 40)

Spring tulips from the garden (27 of 40)

Master bedroom with views of the redwoods (28 of 40)

Master bedroom with ensuite bathroom (29 of 40)

Robes to lounge around in. No need to get dressed! (30 of 40)

Your king size bed is reserved! (31 of 40)

Maybe a little romance awaits... (32 of 40)

Sit for a spell (33 of 40)

Full master bathroom (34 of 40)

Master bathroom with tub/shower combo (35 of 40)

Guest bedroom

Guest bedroom with king size bed and views of the garden (36 of 40)

From the garden to you (37 of 40)

Cottage guest bedroom

Guest bedroom with original artwork my grandma had hanging in this very room (38 of 40)

Full guest bathroom (39 of 40)

Laundry room in case you want to stay longer! (40 of 40)

Loma Mar & The Coastside

Wild flowers in Pescadero (1 of 37)

Pescadero Creek – the longest stream in San Mateo County! (2 of 37)

10 wild turkeys. Just another day in Loma Mar. (3 of 37)

The intricacy of nature (4 of 37)

Fog blanketing the top of Loma Mar or aka Harrison Canyon (5 of 37)

One of the many deserted beaches along the coast (6 of 37)

Banana slug (7 of 37)

‘Red Barn’ off Hwy 84 (8 of 37)

Dahlias in Pescadero (9 of 37)

Oh deer! (10 of 37)

Pigeon Point Lighthouse (11 of 37)

Sunlight drifting down through the tree canopy (12 of 37)

Mind-boggling orange giants appear in the fall (13 of 37)

Fresh picked strawberries (14 of 37)

Mushrooms (15 of 37)

'Of all the paths in life you take, make sure a few of them are Loma Mar dirt.' (16 of 37)

Mavericks tribe (17 of 37)

Crab anyone? (18 of 37)

Norms artichoke bread

Norms Artichoke bread. To die for. (19 of 37)

Pet a goat at Harley Farms (20 of 37)

Farm to table (21 of 37)

Stage Road

Beautiful Stage Road (22 of 37)

LeftCoast Grassfed in Pescadero. Not a bad view guys. (23 of 37)

Pescadero Beach

Pescadero beach with some wild flowers (24 of 37)

Swanton Berry Farm (25 of 37)

Heron in Loma Mar who's been eating our fish! (26 of 37)

Above the town of Pescadero (27 of 37)

Duarte's olallieberry pie à la mode of course! (28 of 37)

Harley Farms sign

Harley Farms sign (29 of 37)

Elephant seal (30 of 37)

Artichokes fresh from the field (31 of 37)

A little history in Pescadero (32 of 37)

The beauty in old things (33 of 37)

Hay maze at Arata's Pumpkin Farm (34 of 37)

Along the highway in San Gregorio (35 of 37)

Loma Mar Store 1982 (36 of 37)

One of the many farms along the coast (37 of 37)

Seasonal Cheer

(1 of 50)

Spring is in the air and the birds at The Cottage have their nests ready! (2 of 50)

Camellias (3 of 50)

Fresh from the chickens 🙂 (4 of 50)

Flowering plum (5 of 50)

Beep. Beep. You may even spot this guy racing by. (6 of 50)

Daffodils (7 of 50)

Make sure to leave some carrots for the Easter Bunny! (8 of 50)

Our oldtimer, the rhododendron (9 of 50)

(10 of 50)

We hope you have a few sparks that fly this summer (11 of 50)

Hydrangeas (12 of 50)

The ants are gathering for a patriotic salute  (Can you hear them marching in?) (13 of 50)

Rosa Iceberg roses (14 of 50)

Summer windsocks blowing in the Loma Mar air (15 of 50)

Black-Eyed-Susans (16 of 50)

Even Uncle Sam pays a visit to The Cottage (17 of 50)

California poppies (18 of 50)

(19 of 50)

Homegrown (20 of 50)

Loma Mar raised (21 of 50)

Autumn ferns (22 of 50)

The owl who watches over. He hopes you have more 'treats' than 'tricks' this Halloween. (23 of 50)

The pumpkin couple. (24 of 50)

Be forewarned. Always match your pumps with your broom or this will happen to you. (25 of 50)

Dim the lights and cast some spells.... (26 of 50)

I’m here for the boos (27 of 50)

Hope you're not mising any eyes (28 of 50)

Boo to you! May all your Halloween treats be mummified forever. (29 of 50)

Nothing says fall than fresh apples (30 of 50)

Watch out for the creepy crawlies (31 of 50)

(32 of 50)

The wreaths are hung and the lights are strung... (33 of 50)

inside too! And... (34 of 50)

the birds are geared up for the winter festivities. (35 of 50)

We're even stocked up for the big night. (36 of 50)

'Summer' (really winter for us) snowflakes (37 of 50)

The trees even get into the holiday cheer! (38 of 50)

And, three holiday trees because one is never enough, yes? (39 of 50)

A little sweetness for the eyes too (40 of 50)

Cyclamen (41 of 50)

How could I resist getting a deer? (42 of 50)

We give many thanks to our guests (43 of 50)

Hellebores (44 of 50)

Our holiday cards. Each year we throw the 'hat' on something different from in the yard. This is our first holiday card (2012). (45 of 50)

Our 2013 holiday card (46 of 50)

Our 2014 holiday card (47 of 50)

Our 2015 holiday card (48 of 50)

Our 2016 holiday card (49 of 50)

And, our 2017 holiday card (50 of 50)

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