Need a tooth pulled?

With the discovery of gold in 1848, adventurers flocked to California and some discovered they could make more money exploiting the giant redwoods than digging for gold. The Woodside Store became a community gathering spot where you know drinking, brawls, and gunfights went down. It was also a stagecoach stop, a “bank” with the only armored safe in the area, a lending library, a dental office and a United States Post Office. What’s cool is, my ancestors must have visited the store in route from the long arduous trips delivering lumber from Loma Mar. Let’s hope they didn’t need any teeth pulled! Today the general store is a fully restored museum containing artifacts of the period (the dental chair hasn’t changed much) and offers a glimpse into the heyday of this once bustling logging area.
Woodside Store Park – 3300 Tripp Road, Woodside
Free Admission, Open Tuesday & Thursday 10am-4pm, Saturday & Sunday Noon-4 pm


Published by Amy on: Mar 6, 2017

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