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San Gregorio was once a thriving, booming community in the late 1800’s when it catered to wealthy San Franciscans looking for outdoor adventures. Back then it was a major stop on the stagecoach route from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. The town included a 10-room hotel, a couple of saloons, a Chinese laundry, and a cheese factory.
Today, all that remains is the general store. And, it’s like stepping back in time too. The general store is a saloon, post office and hardware store in one! They sell everything from raccoon traps to 18 flavors of tequila to red long-johns and everything in between. Here’s what they say on their website:
Saloon, lanterns, seeds, no television, U.S. Post Office, cast iron cookware, aspirin, advice, wines fine to rot gut, western and work clothing, groceries, hardware, bullshit, toys, cowtechnician hats, international beers, beeswax, cheesecloth, piano in-tune, books (literature, poetry, gender and environmental politics), homemade sandwiches, diapers, crockery, weather analysis, coal hods, raccoon traps, tequila (18 flavors), posters, cards, tee shirts, buttons, candles, rain gear, organic garlic, apples and butternut squash in season, live music (Irish R&B, bluegrass, original everything else).
On weekends they have live music including bluegrass, folk, rock, country and blues. Some acts have been playing the same days and times every month for years. It’s also a great spot to people watch (farmers, surfers, eco-activists, cowboys, hippies, Silicon Valley moguls, bikers, Stanford professors, moms, and dancing children)! Grab a cocktail or a beer at the old wooden bar (Bloody Mary is their specialty) then mosey over and browse through all the weird, interesting stuff then find a seat by the wood burning stove and listen to some live acoustic.
San Gregorio General Store – 7615 Stage Road (corner of Hwy 84 & Stage Rd), San Gregorio
Live music updates:
Published by Amy on: July 25, 2016
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San Gregorio store

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