A classic Bay Area summer treat older than the Golden Gate Bridge!

Ah, this takes me back to my childhood. A scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream between two freshly baked thick chewy old-fashioned oatmeal cookies, and then dipped in fine dark chocolate. The delicious combination of savory sweetness was declared by all to be “IT!” That how the IT’S-IT Ice Cream Sandwich was born and a San Francisco tradition since 1928. Pick one up, they come in vanilla, chocolate, mint (my favorite), cappuccino, strawberry, pumpkin, and the newest addition, green tea. Head to the beach or sit under the redwoods and savor each bite. We’ve been having gorgeous weather here on the Coastside! Nothin’ says summer than an ice cream treat and you’re never too old for that!


Found at many major retail stores. Visit their factory shop in Burlingame – about an hour from Loma Mar. https://www.itsiticecream.com/
Published by Amy on: Jul 24, 2017

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