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Sam McDonald Park is a unique 850-acre facility. The wide range of elevation accounts for some rather interesting natural features.
One half is principally a lush growth redwood forest with moist ravines, many varieties of ferns and plants like trillium, redwood violet, red clintonia and wild strawberry. In the more shady areas, carpets of redwood sorrel cover the redwood floor, and during the spring rainy season beautiful mosses and curious mushrooms appear. Along with the coastal redwood, Douglas-fir, various varieties of oak and California bay trees can be seen or, I should say smelled.
The other half of the park is primarily an open ridge, with grassy knolls and patchy brush areas. In the springtime a colorful display of beautiful wildflowers including the sticky monkey flower, wood rose, sun cup and of course the California poppy. Madrone, California buckeye, and big leaf maple trees can be seen here. Vistas of several mountain ridges, and the Pacific Ocean can be seen as well.
Many animals make this park their home too. A few include deer, raccoon, fox, opossum, bob-cat, coyote, woodpecker, jay, quail, rabbit, garter and gopher snakes, and the main attraction, the banana slug.
Several miles of hiking trails meander throughout these areas and allow for anything from a casual one-hour stroll to an all-day adventure for the avid hiker. Plus, it’s just one mile from our cottage!
Sam McDonald Park – 13435 Pescadero Creek Road, La Honda
Published by Amy on: Nov 6, 2014
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Sam McDonald Park


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