That May Help If  You’re Wondering About Something…

1. Do cell phones work in Loma Mar? Nope. You are on vacation, so why do you need to use the cell phone? Pescadero is about 10 minutes away and has cell reception. We, of course, have the ‘old fashion’ landline and all local & long distance usage as well as WiFi (yes, we do get the internet) are complementary.

2. No children under 12? Why? The yard is not safe for the kiddos and the house is not childproof or designed for children. Yes, we know your children are well behaved but we cannot make an exception.

3. How far are you from the beach? Loma Mar is 8.5 miles inland or a 15-minute drive.

4. How would checking in and getting the key work once we arrive? We operate on self-check-in which means, you can arrive anytime after 3 pm without having to worry about people to meet and keys to pick up. Once booked and confirmed, we will email you the keyless entry code.

5. Your location is in the mountains. What are the roads like traveling to Loma Mar? Highway 84, as well as Pescadero Creek Road, is a paved 2 lane winding country road but a beautiful drive no less! If you’re traveling at night, please be aware that there are no street lights (we’re in the country after all) so it will be dark. Also, there are a few bicycle riders who share the road – especially on the weekends. Click ‘HERE’ to see a map of our exact location. I also suggest you read, “Top 7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Loma Mar” to better understand our location.

6. What are the check-in/out times? Can I request a different time? Of course. Please give us at least 48-hour notice and we’d be more than happy to accommodate you if we’re not already booked. Our check-in time is 3 pm and check-out is 11 am. 

7. I’m confused, the house has 2 king beds but it sleeps 6? Yes, there are 2 bedrooms and each has a king size bed. We also have 2 twin roll-away beds to accommodate 2 more people.

8. Is the house one level? Are there stairs anywhere? What’s the general layout? The main living and outdoor space is one level. The living/dining room has one step down onto the deck. The deck has 2 steps coming off from both ends. The house has a little over a 1000 square feet. *Please note that the floor plan pictured below is NOT to scale nor is the furniture accurate – it’s a ‘rough layout.’ Please click ‘Peek Inside’ to view our interior & exterior design.

9. What are the seasonal temperatures in Loma Mar? Do you get a lot of fog? Yes, we can get the fog as the redwoods thrive in it. Loma Mar is 8.5 miles inland from the coast so the fog usually burns off by early afternoon and may return in the evening depending on how warm the day was. As for the weather, well, the graph below sums it up best. When visiting, we could be on the average high side, average low side or somewhere in the middle!

10. What’s your cancellation policy? Due to the small size of our operation, we cannot accept cancellations less than 30 days to arrival. If you need to cancel MORE THAN 30 days to arrival, your deposit (first payment) will be returned minus a $35 transaction fee. If you need to cancel LESS THAN 30 days to arrival, you will lose all monies paid or monies can be applied to a future date. We recommend travel insurance (available when booking) if you would like protection against something unexpected. We hope you can understand the challenging nature of running a small vacation rental and we appreciate your understanding in advance.

11. Does the house have air conditioning? No. We do supply fans if you need forced air. Or, open the windows for fresh mountain air!

12. Do you need a car when visiting? Yes! A car is mandatory to get around. The country does not have airport shuttles, Uber or public transportation.